Tree Surgery in Southampton, Hampshire.

All of our friendly staff are fully insured and qualified (NCH ARB), and our prices include the removal of waste. If you would like a free quote, for any of the following services, please call 07584 621 974  |  02380 001 230 or email

Pruning and Thinning

The aim of thinning is to increase the amount of light within the canopy of the tree, by reducing the density of branches within the crown of the tree. This is always best done from the Autumn through to early Spring.

Full Removals and Dismantles

This is where the tree is taken down to ground level. This can be done using felling techniques, or by climbing the tree and removing it in sections.

Removing Deadwood

This is where dead, dying and dangerous branches are removed from the crown of the tree, to aid the tree in being healthy, and preventing future problems.

Crown Reduction

This is where the whole crown is reduced in size keeping a nice healthy shape to the tree.

Crown Lifting

This is where the crown of the tree is raised to a higher level from the ground, by removing the lower branches of the crown.


Pollarding is where the crown of the tree is removed, and the trunk is left to a specific height, leading to new growth as a pollarded crown.

Fruit Tree Pruning

The aim of this is to encourage and stimulate new healthier growth of flowers and fruit on the trees.